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How I went from a software developer to a UX designer

Illustration by Cindy Rodella This article is based on the interview with Jessica M., our recent graduate of UX Design Intensive Program. Jessica was a software developer who wanted to become a full-time UX designer. She had to struggle with people’s bias that developers can’t design. (more...


From Social Work major to UX Design

In this video, we'll hear from Kathrina, our recent graduate of UX Design Intensive Program. Kathrina was a beginner with a social work degree, which turned out to be not the right fit for her. She found out about UX design and took a course with us. Now, she works as a Junior UX Designer...


How I went from a graphic designer to a UX designer

In this video, we'll hear from Saneeya, our recent graduate of UX Design Intensive Program. Saneeya was a graphic designer primarily working in print. Like many graphic designers, she wanted to make a transition into digital media. She took a course with us and hustled for a job. Saneeya...


Which shaker is the one with salt again?

Watch the short video "Don Norman: Thoughtful Design" (about 3 minutes) Which shaker did you think is the one with salt? Is it the one with one hole or many holes? "It doesn't matter what you think. What matters is what the person who filled them thinks." This simple statement describes...


Best portfolio platforms for designers

You’ve seen other people’s portfolio websites. Now it’s time to think about yours. You may not even have any projects. But you can still set up the navigation menu and start populating necessary information as a starter. But first, you need to decide where you want to host your website. Here...


New to UX? 5 ideas you can try Now to expand your portfolio

If you are just starting out or thinking about switching your career to User Experience Design, you need a portfolio to send out to potential employers. But wait, you never worked as a UX designer, right? Oh no, the chicken and egg problem! There are many ways to add projects to your portfolio...