UX Design Intensive Program Policies

Course Format

UX Design Intensive course takes 12 weeks and requires about 15-20 hours per week commitment. You’ll have total of 12 weekly meeting with an assigned mentor to get feedback on your homework and ask questions. You’ll also have total of 12 weekly meetings with your classmates to present your work and discuss weekly topics.

Your Responsibilities

You are expected to study based on the weekly schedule, do all the homework on time, and attend all mentor sessions and group meetings.

Course Completion Requirements

In order to earn a certificate of completion and recommended for jobs after the program, you need to meet the following requirements:

For career changers

Required to showcase the following items at the time of graduation:

  • Portfolio website, presentable with at least one main project
  • Resume, ready to be sent out for entry-level UX jobs
  • LinkedIn profile, updated and optimized as a UX designer

For non-career changers

You and your mentor will define the requirements to earn a course complete status.

Class Rules

1. Study the week's materials and finish the homework on time. Finishing homework on time will allow your mentor to have time to review your work before the meeting and provide more insightful feedback.

2. There are total of 12 mentor meetings and 12 cohort meetings. Your attendance is required for all meetings. You may pass the course with the maximum of two absent meetings for mentor meetings and two absent meetings for cohort meetings for unforeseen emergencies. You are still required to complete the items indicated in the course complete requirements by the end of the course.

4. We all have times that we need to reschedule a meeting. Here are rules for rescheduling mentor sessions:

Reschedule more than 48 hours before a session

You may reschedule a session if you notify your mentor at least 48 hours before a session. A make-up session will be scheduled accordingly.

Reschedule within 48 hours of a session

In a case of an emergency, you can contact your mentor and reschedule a session within 48 hours. You are allowed to do so up to two times. If you reschedule a session within 48 hours more than twice, we can't guarantee a make-up session.

No show

If you don't show without a notification, there will be no make-up session.


Updated as of June 28, 2017